My Story

My love for all things related to computers started at a young age, when I started out in elementary school cleaning out computers for a few of my teachers. I was a member of the SLTP(Student Leadership Technology Program) through-out elementary and middle school. I then proceeded to join the TSA(Technology Student Association) in high school. By this time, I had built the websites for my middle and high school, as well as a few others, all table based of course. I also was an active member of my high school band, I was a member of marching band for 5 years, pep band for 6 years, and by senor year, half of my classes during school were band. The other half were computer related, in which I attended the state TSA competition, and ended up winning 3rd in Web Design/Development. Just to note, I had a score that was higher than the person who took 1st place, but I was penalised for not adding some irrelevant content that was required. After this competition, I finally began to realize that I might be able to make a life out of one of the many things I love to do. I began job hunting, and found a local company, The Web Guys. I submitted my application about 6 months before I graduated, and I kept hoping for a response. After 15 applications to every local store/restaurant, I finally gave in, and went to apply at McDonalds. I was hired the same day, and started a week after that.

After a few months at McDonalds, it was time for me to graduate high school, and the week before graduation, I got a call from the owner of The Web Guys, asking for me to come in for an interview the day before graduation. Two days after graduation, I was hired, and I started the following week.

Since then, I have grown tremendously as a web developer/programmer. More to come soon!